Building an extreme eKreoss, Part 2: The work has begun.

Starting to look like the boss.
Starting to look like the boss.

Following Part 1 (of 3 or 4) in this series for the extreme eKreoss, work has begun in earnest!

Read on for much more information and a few more pics on this conversion!

Getting the Parts

Obtaining the metal bits were as easy as ordering them from Privateer Press’ bits store, and our gaming group happens to put in orders from time to time to take advantage of the free shipping.  Well, luck would have it that one was currently underway and I was able to place my order right at the buzzer.  The plastic pieces however…are a different story.  PP currently doesn’t offer the plastic bits in their bits store, so I had to do some searching.  You have Hordes O Bits on ebay that sells the plastic bits in sets (ie 5x bodies, 10x shoulder pads) but going that route put the price at the same as just ordering an entire new set of Bastions or Cinerators.

Then you have Bartertown.  I’ve bought many a model from fellow B-Towners and have had, so far, good experiences.  I located someone who was selling what I wanted at the price-point I was looking to spend. I wanted to use a plastic pKreoss head because I think it is the best looking Kreoss head so far (I can’t wait for eeKreoss!) and it seemed the proper scale for the armor.  But wanting a plastic Kreoss was also two fold.  I wanted to use some of his parts and base for this conversion as well.

Now, something like this could easily get more expensive that buying the normal model and I wanted to avoid that at all costs.  I wanted to end up spending about the price I would have paid for a new epic warcaster.  Suffice to say I was able to achieve just that.

Getting to Work

Blue tac abounds!
Blue tac abounds!

The first step is always cleaning the pieces.  One I got over my trepidation of screwing stuff up, I just got to cutting.  I also wrestled back and forth quite a bit before deciding to sue the Leader’s more ornate shoulders and armor.  The issue I was having is that it looked a bit more ornate than the normal eKreoss model.  But then, I figured this is the Grand Exemplar! He should have the most ornate of the armors.

First I cut the slot under the Cinerators feet so that now it matched the slot on the smaller base.  One test fit and I knew this conversion would work because it was a great size with very little overhang on the feet.  I was not going to glue in anything until it was all painted as I find that to be the easiest way to paint these medium based Exemplar.  Next to get the cut was the sword blade at the hilt and the tip of the sword handle in back.  Then using the drill from the P3 Pinning kit and rod, I got to drilling a hole at each end of the hand.  I cut a piece of rod and did a test size along the arm to make sure it was the length I wanted it.  It was ultimately going to be cut into two pieces but testing with one rod was easiest to make sure it would ultimately be the size I wanted.

I then got to work making the tip of Justifer.  I cut the mace from pKreoss’ weapon and fitted it onto the brass rod.  The plastic is so much easier to work with, cutting and drilling wise. Next was the spear and that would come in the form of a modified sword blade, the very one I just removed.  I then used the butt of the mace weapon as the butt of Justifer.  The more parts I used from existing models, the less bits I had to order.

I made Justifer longer for two reasons.  1.) To match the larger size of Kreoss now and 2.) to act as a counterweight to the increased weight that was going to go on his back and counteract the lose in footprint from going from a 40mm base to a 30mm.  This way he won’t topple over on the table.  Below is a pic to show you.

Long spear/mace is long.
Long spear/mace is long.

Next was the parts that would make this eKreoss…well eKreoss.  In the above pic you will notice that I glued the smokestacks a bit away from his body, rather than right against it.  This was to avoid the smokestacks being completely upright.  They are supposed to be as a near 45 degree-ish angle.  The end of the exhaust pipes are supposed to be at a 90 degree angle.  It left a gap but that’s fine because next came the banners which would fill it in a bit.  It was also going to be filled in with greenstuff details like pipes to take this conversion really over the top and make it look more warcaster-ish.

One more before the banners.
Note how the stacks don’t stick straight up @ 90 degrees from his back.

On Our Next Episode…

eKreoss gets a head and his other arm.  And lots of greenstuff is going to get sculpted.  This is easily going to be the hardest part for me as my sculpting skills are near nil.  But hopefully he will be able to get primed and then painted in time to make his debut along his theme force near the end of the Journeyman League!

Stay tuned!!


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