Reznik & the Reckoner: Bros 4 Life.

Always swingin' for the fences!
Always swingin’ for the fences!

Following on up my post yesterday featuring your favorite neighborhood executioner,  I did happen to have a Reckoner laying around!

Well, to be honest, he’d been laying around at about 50% complete for a few weeks.  I kept putting him off because I was in my Khador mentality where 4 jacks was more than I would ever need as only 2 typically saw the table at a time.  So units needed to be done!  But this is Menoth! The ‘jack faction if the forums are to be believed.  So what’s one more warjack eh?  The more the merrier right?

Tomorrow will be the first night this bad boy sees the table along with his homeboy Reznik.  Reznik really seems like he likes the Reckoner chassis warjacks, if only for the extra speed and reach on two of them in order to make the best use of the out of activation battlegroup moves and attacks.

My initial thoughts on the Reckoner itself however:  SPD5 heavy?! Whaaa?!  Reach? Assault? A DEF debuff? Only 8 points?! 

Having a innate SPD5 heavy will probably be the  biggest thing for me as up to this point, I’ve only had SPD4.  I know it’s only +1, but that makes a difference!  How much?  Not sure, I guess I’ll find out tomorrow night.

More to come shortly: Daughters of the Flame! And part 2 of my thrilling Extreme eKreoss conversion!  Stay tuned!!


One thought on “Reznik & the Reckoner: Bros 4 Life.”

  1. To be fair, every Menoth warcaster loves the Reckoner. It’s really underpriced for its utility. I just wish that the Castigator flames were * attacks so it could use them as a charge attack. Then I think the model would see far more play than it does currently.

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