Epic Feora is ready to light my fire!

Burn baby burn!
Burn baby burn!

My second warcaster for the Protectorate is ready to get it hot and heavy in here! With each new model I am starting to really like this scheme more and more!

I’m sorry I don’t have anything more insightful to say about her, but the fact of the matter is that I haven’t used her yet, so really don’t know what she’s about.  She seems to be geared more to the warjack side of things, with things like her feat and Escort.

Yo, shit's on fire.
Yo, shit’s on fire.

Big news tonight though, as it is the first night of slow grow/Journeyman League games for me!  I’m super excited to start playing Protectorate of Menoth and hopefully they can bring me some wins in a more consistent manner than my Khador provided me with. I’m in a very good standing I believe on the paint points front, I just need to get some game points.  I’m really aiming to place in this league.  Barring that, win the raffle at the end of it! 😀

Tonight also kicks off the league with a Portals event which is sure to be a good, wacky time.  Here’s where I’m thinking Escort will come up huge for me. SPD6/7 warjacks and +2ARM on my warcaster?!  Yes please!  Last time we played this, I used Strakhov to mitigate the trudging across the field, but that was a one and done deal.  The rest of the time people could just outmaneuver me out of points.  Well, not this time! Hopefully…


2 thoughts on “Epic Feora is ready to light my fire!”

  1. Very nice, really like the base and the edge highlights on the steam stacks. What color did you use for that?

    1. It’s P3 Coal Black, then a bit of P3 Coal Black & P3 Frostbite mixed (50/50), and finally P3 frostbite just on the very, very brightest spots.

      That’s actually basically my formula for highlighting black in general.

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