Cool Stuff: Plarzoid’s Cinerator to Bastion Conversion!

Plazoid's Bastions Conversions!
Plazoid’s Bastions Conversions!

Now here is a seriously cool conversion done by my local PG Plarzoid!

This is super timely in a way for me, in that with deciding to do my extreme eKreoss converion, I picked up a pack of Cinerators super cheap.  Since i only needed one, I figured I’d attempt to make the rest into a min unit of Exemplar Bastions down the line.  Untimely in that our group JUST placed a bits order and now I have to wait for the next one to do it! Wah.

Below are the official studio Bastions as a comparison.  Not too shabby.

Privateer Press Studio Bastions
Privateer Press Studio Bastions

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