Building an extreme eKreoss, Part 1: The Idea

*Cue epic music with chanting*

It’s no secret that I plan to run an eKreoss theme force,it’s been what I’ve wanted to do from the start with my Menite army.  Knights, giant robots, and crazy girls…swoon!

But the eKreoss model leaves me a little cold. Maybe it’s the size or proportions, I’m not sure.  You look at his art and you can’t help but think “what a badass.”  The fluff goes on about how impressive he is, but then he’s this tiny model on the table :/

So back to the art of eKreoss as my inspiration.  To me it looked like he was dressed in something more akin to Bastion armor rather than normal Exemplar armor, and since I have been painting Cinerators, I got to thinking about a conversion to make a more “epic” epic Kreoss.

So what’s the plan?

I was thinking of using a Bastion (preferably the leader but any would do). His flags would be from the Seneschals and the smokestacks would remain from the normal eKreoss or or maybe even Reznik’s. Now the head I would like to use the plastic pKreoss since I like the face better and it’s a more appropriate proportion to the rest of the body. I would then (attempt to) green stuff some extra details everywhere. He’d hang just a tad bit off of the base, but it doesn’t look like it’d be too bad.  The want of using the plastic Kreoss is actually two-fold:  I’d use the morningstar part of his weapon to fashion the new Justicar.

This is going to be my most ambitious conversion to date!  So far I’ve only done a leg swap on my Reckoner (pics to come when he’s painted) and other minor reposes.  But for this, I’m practically making a warcaster from disparate bits!

Oh, and before we get into the legality of this in tournaments, I’m not worried about.  I hoping it’ll look enough like him that there won’t be any issues.  If there are, then I still have the normal eKreoss model on standby, so no sweat there.

Has anyone seen this before? My search fu turned up a few ekreoss conversions (including one I saw at a recent tournament) but nothing like I’ve described here.

Now the rub…obtaining plastic bits…I know there is hoards o bits, but they sell things in groups (x5 bodies, x10 shoulders, etc) and I only need the parts for one (x1 body, x2 shoulders). Does anyone know any other ways to get them?

I’ve acquired or ordered on the bits so this thing is a GO!  But how might the final product look?  We’re visual people right?  Well then, let’s pop into Photoshop and mock something up!




5 minutes later…





Stay tuned for the next installments as I work to make this a reality!

6 thoughts on “Building an extreme eKreoss, Part 1: The Idea”

    1. Some bits I ordered from the PP parts store (the metal ones), I found a cheap pKreoss on ebay, and cheap CHEAP Cinerators on bartertown.

      I’ll probably convert the remaining Cinerators to a min unit of Bastions at some point.

  1. Mike Pokorny made an epic Kreoss that was pretty cool, you may want to see if you can get in touch with him.

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