Trying out some NMM techniques…

For a lot of my Menites swords I wanted to do something different that the usual silver/steel.

For example, on my Knights Exemplar I wanted their sacred swords to glow blue. The Avatar’s sword is a test for that (minus the OSL which is coming).

In the fluff, the Cinerators swords burn with fire when they hold them, so I tried to replicated what a burning (or at least super-heated) blade might look like. I took inspiration from when a blacksmith takes a blade or some other metal out of the fire.

I think they came out alright…

What are your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Trying out some NMM techniques…”

  1. sword looks awesome! maybe also try it with the same effect mirrored on both sides instead of inverted? darker start near the hilt for both sides.

  2. Looking good so far. I’d also recommend that you bring the edge of the Cinerators’ swords to a white to really sell the fire effect. Right now it just looks like a not-quite-right NMM attempt.

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