Menoth Test Model: Kreoss

Almost ready to get medieval on some heathens.
Almost ready to get medieval on some heathens.

After much contemplating on a scheme, I just decide to jump right in.  I went with a send up of a previous attempt (my first one in fact) and to be completely honest I was not sold on it initially.  But I soldiered on.

Here at about 90-ish% done, I am glad I did.  I think it looks pretty great.

What about you readers?  I’m still very much open to any feedback or suggestions you all may have!

Special Note: Thanks to PP forum user Taranos for putting the image through Photoshop to bring it closer to what it actually looks like.


2 thoughts on “Menoth Test Model: Kreoss”

  1. Looking good. My suggestion for you is conditional. It looks like you’re doing red menofixes on the shoulders. If so you might want to consider another color as red on red doesn’t pop so well. White would leap off the model while silver/copper would also have good contrast without potentially adding another color to your palette.

    1. Since that picture was taken, I ended up painting the Menofixes Silver. After some painting time at the LGS last night, I think he’s done and I’ll have some pics of him soon.

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