First progress on the Menites

First Progress on the Menites
A touch up here, a touch up there…

So it looks like I’ve officially converted.

This is my first progress on the Menites.  As you can see I decided to go with the Black armor/red cloth.  Plarzoid’s gold idea is I think what rally cracked this thing open and is also the most time consuming part (so many layers everywhere).  The general idea is there, it’s just figuring out the fine details now, for instance:

  • Do I paint the bases like desert (tan-ish) or like dirt/mud (dark brown like on my Nyss Hunters)?
  • The menofix…red or silver?  Or some other color?

Your thoughts?

As far as playing them, I played a few with them when my bro-in-law was in town and I think this may be the faction for me…time will tell once the Slow Grow League gets into full swing.


Give me a piece of your mind (mmm your delicious, delicious mind...).

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