Blarg! Figuring out a Menoth scheme is giving me heartburn!


(wakka wakka)

Our big Slow Grow League finally kicked off on June 16th, and thus far I’ve only gotten four Nyss Hunters painted.  While I am quite proud of them, they aren’t any of the Menoth models I have to get through.  The goal of the league is to get a 35 point force painted up (you can’t play with unpainted models, which I think is a great rule) and we get a 30 day painting window in anticipation of the league games proper that start on July 16th.

So 30 days to paint at least a battlebox.  Not bad right?  One problem:  I have no idea how to paint my Menoth…

Sure I had some schemes in my head.  I even tried a couple to varied success.  But it’s go time now and I’m tapped out.  So I’m going to explain a bit of what I’m thinking and also ask you all in return for feedback and ideas.

But first, let me tell you my thoughts/requirements  in picking a Protectorate of Menoth scheme:

  1.  Different from the studio scheme, ie, not predominately white.
  2. Different from my Khador scheme, ie, not predominately white or red.
  3. Not predominately green or blue.

And thus, with that in mind, I set off contemplating my color scheme.

My first and favorite one that I had going for a while was a take on the Adeptus Custodes from 40K, seen below. I wanted to do the gold in a NMM style by approximating it with colors rather than metallics.  On my test model (a Reckoner) it has not gone well.  If fact the frustration is what caused me to get to work on my Nyss Hunters (I needed a win).  Maybe clear my head and try again.  All last night I tried and the same thing again.  I tried with all sorts of methods (I seriously have a doc of links to tutorials about 2 pages long with methods specifically for trying this paint job) but nothing comes close to what I want. Maybe I’ll look into just doing it with a metallic gold…

Adeptus Custodes from 40K.
Adeptus Custodes from 40K reference image.  That Menoth army would have been so awesome I think.

I decided to maybe switch gears and try something new instead.  I googled all sorts of things, and then when I got bored (HIYO!), I googled some pics for inspiration.

I remembered back that I had thought about using the Lannisters’ armor from Game of Thrones as inspiration, specifically Tywin’s, because I like the Maroon/purple, gold and black, with red details (sashes) they have going on.  Also because badass.  Like so:

Tywin Armor indea
I want to hate him because Lannister…but damn, he is such a badass.

One of the pics I found instantly brought this idea back to my mind:

Dark Elf concept art from Warhammer Online
Just with a lot less spikey bits.

Yeah another from Warhammer.  But this is along the lines of the Lannister armor, and I’d get to use P3 Sanguine (I love that color).  So I tried it.  I forgot to take a pic but the thing that is bothering me with it seems to the be the color that is giving me the most headache: Gold.

I tried p3 Sanguine Base >> p3 Sanguine Highlight >> p3 Khador Red Base and then darkened it with a wash on the inside of the shoulder guard of a Crusader (where Plarzoid below has white) and then outlined said shoulder in P3 Solid Gold (where Plar’s has purple).  The Sanguine is alright, if just a tad bit toodark, which I think in turn makes the Gold seem too bright.  I’ll get a picture of it tonight.

Last one I have is Plarzoid’s Menites that he just finished painting.  This is a sweet scheme. Damn they look good here.  They’ll look even better in person I’m sure.

Plarzoid's Menites!
Plarzoid’s Menites!

So what do you think?  Got any ideas that would be cool?  I’d love to hear them!  Comment below!


7 thoughts on “Blarg! Figuring out a Menoth scheme is giving me heartburn!”

  1. To get a darker gold, you could base the area with a warm brown first. You could also use a more coppery color rather than the bright gold. I do like the Lannister colorscheme idea, and I think it would look awesome on the Menoth.

    1. I’ve tried that and it works great on my Khador and the gold I use for them, but I think the P3 Solid Gold overpowers the black or brown below so you can’t even tell :/

      And I think I’m going to go with that scheme after seeing Plarzoid’s this morning, just with some tweaking.

  2. Tywin Lannister is a badass without being an ass, unlike his two older children. I feel the same about Tywin as I do about Tyrion: I want to hate them because of the whole Lannister thing, but they’re such compelling characters that I can’t help but like them.

    On the painting front, if you knock out red, green, blue, and white you’re left with purple, orange, yellow, and black (plus brown, which seems unsuitable). Kirby at 3++ painted his Menites up in an orange/yellow scheme with…..interesting results. Have you considered Lakers Menites? Purple and yellow make for a striking combination.

    1. I tried a yellow scheme (just like my Nemo from the painting class) and it just looked too cartooney for me.

      I think it looks great on Cygnar, terrible on Menoth.

      And it’s not that I’m knocking out those colors, just that I don’t want them being the predominate colors, ie a green Menite force.

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