The Ninja Elves! Cylena Raefyll & the Nyss Hunters (a WIP)

Cylena & Nyss Hunters WIP
Love the poses I was able to get.

I understand that these models have a certain…reputation for being a massive pain in the arse (whaddup UK readers!) to put together.

I can see why, they are slim models to begin with and the contact points are needle sized to almost non-existent. But these four didn’t go so bad, I even got them based all in about 30 minutes. Yup, right now it’s just the four since I got them in a trade (along with a ton of spare bits for them). A blister should round them out to min unit easily though.  Putting on the rest of their gear (bow, sheath, and quiver) may prove to be a bigger headache. We’ll see…

I’ve been a fan of the sculpts since I saw them and their rules seem pretty solid as well. Lately I was wondering if I should have got these guys instead of the Kayazy Assassins because they seem so much more versatile and the Assassins seem to die to a stiff breeze before doing anything (the Colossals seem to be built to handle these high DEF/low ARM types too). Then I guess I got lucky with a trade. While they lack the Kayazy Assassins’ Killstroke, Gang, and immunity to freestrikes, they are a happy median between the Assassins’ DEF 14/16 at DEF 15, and I think I’ll appreciate the extra ranged attacks they bring (and Hunter) because that’s something my Khador lists tend to lack and that can hurt against some lists. At first I was thrown back by their extra point cost however, but it might be a good thing for the various timed tournaments I’ll be going to (less models to move).  I’m thinking of greenstuffing some ninja masks on some of the models and applying my black/sanguine/gold scheme that I had originally envisioned for my Menites.  I’m going to keep the ice blue skin tones I think because I think it fits them so perfectly.  Hmmm…maybe gold sword blades!  That’ll be different and I think will look really cool!  Now I can’t wait to paint them either!

Their first game will be this Thursday in a 50 point infantry heavy Strakhov list. I’ll need to proxy the remaining 2 and Valachev but I’m sure my opponent won’t mind too much there. Let’s see how they do!


2 thoughts on “The Ninja Elves! Cylena Raefyll & the Nyss Hunters (a WIP)”

    1. Nope, just straight up super glue (Zap-a-Gap to be specific)!

      I don’t really pin unless it’s some conversion I’ve done that needs it for stability or weight distro (my Reckoner and Avatar for instance). On a trooper it’s almost more work than it’s worth, the Super Glue bond is actually pretty strong and enough in most cases.

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