Repost: Colossals – Which is Best?

Here’s an interesting article I read over @ Steamforged.  It talks about the Colossals and ranks them.

While I’m not big on rankings (as there are people that can make “low tier” things sing), but I agree with a lot of the things said.

Colossals – Which is Best?.


2 thoughts on “Repost: Colossals – Which is Best?”

  1. I really don’t like their ratings at all. They’re shallow and don’t consider the tactical depth and playstyle that each faction brings. Each of the Colossals is great for their respective factions once you consider all of the abilities and options that warcasters/support units can bring.

    I especially disagree with their ranking of the Conquest and don’t understand it one bit. I wrote an article defending the Conquest because I think it deserves more credit than it’s getting right now.

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