Commission: Infinity PanO Fusilier Hacker

PanO Fusilier Hacker
The future is so bright…(click for larger pic)

My first paid commission piece! This is a test/try out model for a possible larger order of more Infinity figures (Haqqislam I believe).

The client is mostly concerned with matching his existing models basing and he already has a color scheme set for them.  On this model, I was free to choose a color scheme for the actual model.  I had a harder time with that then I thought…until I took a little inspiration from the card it came with! I missed a line on his pants (easy to take care of) that I can see.

Here is an example of the basing I needed to match.  Do you think I nailed the basing?  Minus the grass tufts which I’ll have on there shortly once I receive them.   Also what do you think of the paint job itself?  I’d really appreciate any and all feedback on this!

Give me a piece of your mind (mmm your delicious, delicious mind...).

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