The Minuteman Rocketeer!

The Minuteman Rocketeer!
The Minuteman Rocketeer!

Sooo…I’ve been slacking.  Kinda in painting and mostly in updating this here blarg.  It’s been hard to stay motivated for my Khador right now since all I have left are basically 2 units to finish painting and our LGS’ (annual?) slow-grow league is about to start on June 16th.  I’m ready to try out my Menoth.  They’ve been sitting on my shelf since December, so you can see why I’m so antsy.

Anywho…awhile ago I teased my first commission for Paul.  Welp, here it is in all it’s completed glory!  I really like how this guy came out!  Enough yappin’, here’s some pics!

Happy Birfday Paul!
Happy Birfday Paul!

Coming up, I’m trying to get pics of all the things that haven’t been posted yet (Khador-wise), including my recently finished eVlad (he came out damn good if I say so myself) and also a lot more posts on my ongoing adventures in airbrushing.  Look out for more on what I have dubbed the Skittle Marines!

Up, Up and Away to the Gallery!


One thought on “The Minuteman Rocketeer!”

  1. Looks real nice, can’t believe I haven’t seen it around the store yet. Also, red ones go faster? I think you’re harboring a grim, dark secret…

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