Hello Beautiful…[Judicator 3D renders]

Menoth Judicator render teaser
“It’s like a cathedral…that kicks ass.”

Despite my trepidation on what Collosals will do to the game…HOT DAMN!

This is the Collosal I’ll be getting. It is my favorite looking Collosal/Gargantuan that I’ve seen thus far.  Next is Hyperion (recently the Ret stuff has been growing on me), then Conquest in the looks department.  I think Stormwall wins in the rules department (Hyperion’s Star Cannon is a close second).

Menoth Judicator rear render
*insert pipe joke here*

Curse you Privateer Press! My wallet weeps…

7 thoughts on “Hello Beautiful…[Judicator 3D renders]”

    1. Right in time lol!

      So far I really like it! I’m still getting the hang of it, but it really seems like you can speed up the process and get great results! I practiced on the Space Marines last night with zenithal highlighting and changing colors. Only complaint so far…P3 paints are a pain to use now (dropper bottles are easier) and I’m not sure if I’m doing it right as far as color swapping and cleaning…

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