My first “Commission”: Can you guess what it is?

My first commission!
I’ll give you a hint: It has a torso too.

This is the first model I’ll be doing for someone other than myself!  It feels good, and yet nerve wracking at the same time.

One of our wargaming group, Paul, has a birthday coming up and I noticed he didn’t have any painted models.  I think he’s more of a player plus I believe it’s his 18th birthday coming up, so I understand he probably has more important things on his mind. I offered to help him out and paint a warcaster, because after one of our games he talked about not finding a warcaster that has resonated with him yet, and that is a feeling I can completely relate to.  This was before I went off for my wedding.  When I came back to pick up the model, he had a new acquisition that I just had to paint!

I asked what color scheme he wanted and all he gave me was a “I’ve seen them painted red”.  Oh Paulie, you mustn’t give me such vague directions.  You know I’ll run with it.  Immediately I had a color scheme in mind:

Commission inspiration
Copying this to that.

It’s very near completion and I’m pretty sure I’ll have it ready for him by the time our next game night rolls around on Thursday and right in time for his birthday.

Funny enough, with it being my first commission model and all, I’ve had to strip it two times now because I wasn’t happy with the results I was getting.  Third time’s a charm right?


Oh and in other, but still painting related, news.  I am 75% sure I going to be going the airbrushing route.  Much thanks to Schnauzerface (check out his FANTASTIC tutorial videos here) for all his help and advice on the subject!


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