Atteeenn-tion! Kommandant Irusk is on the field!

Kommandant Irusk
At ease men...

Finally got around to taking pics of my Kommandant Irusk even though I’ve been fielding him for some months now (can I still blame it on my wedding?  Yeah, let’s do that…).  I’ll have some more of the others that I painted awhile ago but never got around to posting :/  My bad.

The color scheme on this one was what re-invigorated my Khador and shifted it’s overall color scheme slightly as you can tell if you look at the models since him.  There are more hints of black and red.  Mostly black.

Plus he was one of the first where I think I did a very good job in trying to keep the paint job clean and precise.

Gallery and play thoughts after the break…

On the battlefield/tabletop…

Irusk is one of my favorite Khador warcasters, of which there are many.  One of the big things that I like about Khador compared to some of the other factions, is that I like the rules and look of all the warcasters. But anyway, Kommandant Irusk, or pIrusk, is very much and infantry caster which fits into my playstyle perfectly.  His feat makes my army accurate (no need to CMA with the IFP = more big hits) and tough gives a 50% chance of surviving! Yes please!  Plus he has one of the best warjack buffs in the game with Superiority.  His other spells are a good mix of buffs and other spells for just about any situation.


My lists with pIrusk usually include a min unit of MoW Shocktroopers to provide a nice, beefy ARM 21 shield wall for him to hide behind while he advances and let’s his troops do the dirty work. He can then still pop off the occasional Airburst when needed because it ignores LOS.

My win-loss ratio is probably the best with him so far, with my last game playing him being a victory against eStryker (by caster kill by an IFP 2 man CMA).



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