The Butcher would like to axe you a few questions…[WIP]

The Butcher, almost done in a day. Not bad...
The Butcher, almost done in a day. Not bad...

This is what happens when you perform well in a game for me!  You get a one way ticket to the painting table!  Let that be a lesson to you warcasters…

While updating the Model List, I realized that I had gotten a pButcher way back in a trade, but he was still in his baggie, bare metal as could be.  Knowing that my next match was against Legion of Everblight, I thought that he would be a good caster against them with his troop buffs and being able to run at least 2 warjacks.  I was a little wary however, as I’ve never used him.

Another pButcher WIP shot.
Another pButcher WIP shot.

All that went away in game though which you can read about here.  I think I may have found a new go-to caster along with Irusk…

Now, talking about the actual model.  At first I didn’t like it for some reason.  Maybe it’s because I had been staring at the classic version the whole time.  I wasn’t a fan of his fluff to be honest either.  But getting the new model out and getting it ready, it really impressed me with it’s size and overhauled detail.  He really does look like a mountain of a man compared to the other warcasters like he’s supposed to.  Plus that pose!  You know I’m a fan of dynamic poses on miniatures!

Sunday saw that I had some time on my hands, so I got to work on him and this is what came out of it!  I tried something new on the gold and I thing I really love it!  It’s a very dirty bronze-ish/gold color that I think suits him. It also didn’t drive me insane when applying it, so bonus points there.  Putting that Meg Maples tutelage to good use, I am also extremely happy with the way the fur on his coat turned out!  His face ain’t too shabby either.  Not to worry, I’ll have better pics soon when he’s done and closer to the end of the month.

I’m going to submit him into Lost Hemisphere‘s April Paint the Target, which is warcasters, warlocks, Solos, or UAs, so be on the look out for that as well!


11 thoughts on “The Butcher would like to axe you a few questions…[WIP]”

  1. Looking good. Orsus is very capable on the table, plus he’s pretty straight-forward and therefore easy to wrap your brain around. Considering that painted minis always perform better, you’ll be in for a treat when you’re done.

    1. His straightforward-ness is the only thing I worry about.

      Oh and after your gushing over eVlad, I just had to pick him up when I saw him in an lgs down here 🙂

      1. eVlad is a dirty good time. You already have the parts for a list with him in Kayazys and IFP, just add some weapon masters and you’ll be ready for action. He feels vaguely similar to Strakhov in that he plays decently upfield and can rocket pieces across larger-than-usual distances, but I think eVlad supports his army better (via Hand of Fate and Transference), does more for infantry in particular (with the feat), and is more survivable than Strakhov.

        1. Question about Transference…do you allocate the focus at the same time as your jacks? Or when the unit activates? And is the focus for the individual model or the unit?

      1. Yeah, Denny doesn’t do…large men who reak of rust. 8-D Termy’d be happy to have him over for tea and biscuts though.

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