EXTRA EXTRA! The Volningrad Times, Sports Page: Volningrad Snowmen’s Season Opener!

The Butcher didn't shy away from the front lines when he was needed.
The Butcher didn't shy away from the front lines when he was needed.

Saturday, April 7 – Today the Volningrad Snowmen won their season opener against a team from the Legion of Everblight, 1 caster kill to none, although they were ahead on Scenario Control Points at the end of the first half as well.

A new trade made before the season, Orsus Zoktavir, who fans have affectionately dubbed “The Butcher”, was starting quarterback, while monstrosity Absylonia, was in for the Legion.  Absylonia led her side in a swift offensive in the beginning, taking half the field while the Butcher and his team struggled to match the pace set by the Dragonspawns. CONTINUED ON OPENER PAGE B5

OPENER – All-stars Volkov, Kolsk, and Yarovich, otherwise known to fans as the Great Bears, took a left flank control point earlier in the game and kept all others away, scoring 2 points for the Snowmen side in total.  Free safeties Olga Turnikoff and Vela Ryn [Eliminators] pushed from the right flank, taking a Shredder down as well and tying up the Seraph and another Shredder with their Side Step movements and sat at DEF 17, all en route to a next turn charge setup on the opposing warlock.  Both warjacks, Beast-09 and a Kodiak, failed initial charges against Typhon and a Carnivean, respectively, putting them in a bad place. Absylonia would later capitalize on this and placed a Blight Field next to Beast 09, possibly neutering him a play.

The offensive line Kayazy Kommandos also faltered heavily in the face of the Dragonspawn and while they did manage to take down a shredder and score 1 control point, were quickly wiped from the field by sprays and a brilliantly played Blight bomb from an opposing Forsaken which managed to take down 3 Kayazys, as well as both Eliminators.  The Defensive line Iron Fangs fared slightly better only losing 3 members from an attacking Typhon, while Beast-09 remained tied up in melee with Typhon due to 360 vision on the 3-headed beast and Reach granted by Absylonia’s Playing God, as well as also within Blight Field.  The Carnivean managed to but a hurting on the Kodiak, taking out both arms and really limiting what he could do in the next rounds, but the Kodiak could not be moved from the Control Point he occupied.

The Butcher played a bit uncharacteristically compared to his legend, staying in the back field up to this point.   The Snowmen were still up 3-1 control points (needing 7 to win), but this were steadily shifting towards the Legion’s favor.  Fortunately, there was still light at the end of the tunnel.  The Butcher proved he was worth the trade maneuvering and negotiating, when he popped his feat, Full Throttle’d, charged, and threw 3 completed Axe-to-Faces against Typhon, putting him out of the game and freeing Beast 09 who just happened to be in charge range of the opposing QB and thanks to Full Throttle, also had boosted attack rolls and a free charge…

Beast-09 rushed for 7 inches, sacking Absylonia late in the game.
Beast-09 rushed for 7 inches, sacking Absylonia late in the game.

One POW 19, 4d6 Ice Axe later and the Snowmen had emerged victorious!  As per usual, the Butcher did not attend the after game press conference however we were able to get some insight into the game from the Underboss and Gregor Ira, the Iron Fang Officer.  The Underboss stated, “I still need to work with my guys so that we can become a more contributing part of the team.”  Regarding the Eliminators: “I’m glad we picked them up in February.  They have consistently performed at the level that I need them too.  With a little more work, they can become a real dominating force on the field.”  Gregor Ira comments on the game, “whether warjack or warbeast, we’re just going to go out there with our Blasting Pikes and shields and give 110%.  I look forward to the rest of the season, it looks to be a promising one.”

And back at Volningrad, the townspeople can be heard in the streets, cheering on their team: “LET’S GO THIS!”

The field began to thin out in the later quarters.
The field began to thin out in the later quarters.


So yeah,  Mason and I played our first game in the NFL styled league.  Scenario was Killing Field from the mini-rulebook I had, since neither of us had the SR2012 scenarios with us.  pButcher vs Abby.  No injuries for me, Typhon and Abby (possibly) for Mason.  I believe we also need to do victory points, so it was 37 from his warbeasts for me, +5 if Abby is counted.  10 for Mason.  He also killed 3 IFP out of an 8 man unit so I’m not sure how that’s worked out or if it counts.
The LET’S GO THIS!  is a little inside joke in our group that came from an overzealous typo on my part.

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