Koldun Kommander Zerkova! [Completed & March LH “Paint the Target” Entry]

The Ice Queen herself!
The Ice Queen herself!

The much maligned Warcaster from the Great North, Koldun Kommander Zerkova!  I pronouce thee done!

I’ve been excited to paint Zerkova and try her out ever since I got her for free in a trade waaaaaaaaaaay back (poor thing).  Looking at her abilities and spell list, I could see someone that was a clear departure from the norm of the other Khadoran ‘casters.  After getting some games in with her recently, I was pleasantly surprised.  Maybe it’s my thing for underdogs ( hello Strakhov), or maybe I’m a glutton for punishment.  It’s a very different playstyle, and while I lost those games (which is more the norm currently, than the exception), I still had a lot of fun with her and wasn’t frustrated at any point as the many posts forums from others might lead you to believe.

The thing I noticed with Zerkova, or Her Hatness, is that her spell is list is geared differently than other Khador ‘casters.  Sure, she is a spell slinger, but her spells are all situational.  She seems to have a spell for all kinds of situations but it’s mostly a mix of denial and board manipulation, but she has no army or warjack buffs. Well, I guess Watcher is a semi- warjack buff.  This is weird in Khador.  Most of the other ‘casters are very “Ok, let’s do this together, but if things get crazy, I’m stepping in.”  Zerkova is more “Ok, do your thing guys, I’ll help out when I can.  I’ll be in the back if anyone needs me.”  I’ll need to get some more games in to really nail her down.

But let’s talk about the painting!  This is my favorite model I’ve painted thus far.  I know I say that a lot, but look at her face!  Especially the eyes!  Plus I think it’s just the way the color scheme came out, everything seems to work for me.  Lost Hemisphere‘s Paint the Target series gave me an excuse to get her done in March as the theme was AOE or spray template using models.  Well, her Twister spell is an AOE.  She actually made the March Results post, she’s about half-way down, and here is what Gday had to say about her:

Volt_Ron is next up to bad[sic] from the Frozen North, with Zerkova. I don’t know if it’s the colour layout or what, but this may be one of my favourite Zerkova’s… and I’m not saying that just because the background makes it look like she’s under attack by Feora…

That put a nice, big smile on my face.


Sorry for lack of pictures, I wanted to make this post before LH’s Results post, but with the wedding coming into the homestretch, things are getting hectic as you’d imagine in the ol’ homestead. Eh…one day late isn’t bad…

I should still have posts for my completed Irusk and Vlad up shortly this week however!

Zerkova Gallery!


3 thoughts on “Koldun Kommander Zerkova! [Completed & March LH “Paint the Target” Entry]”

  1. I think she turned out great! Her glowy eye is especially cool! I’m loving the snow, the base, the model (Her Hatness!). I really think you nailed it this time.

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