The Volningrad Snowmen! My team for an NFL style league!

Volningrad Snowmen Team Logo
Comin' straight outta Khador!

Our LGS is beginning a league styled after the NFL this week, which will have a “season” that stretches 10 weeks.  I find myself in the FOCUS conference, Disruption division, rolling with Khador once again (saving Menoth until the next slow grow), along with a Merc, Legion, and Circle player.  This should be interesting as I’ve never played against Circle before, and I’ve only gone against an Ashlynn Merc list once.  From the sounds of his team name (The Buccaneers), I’m guessing it’s going to be more pirate flavored.

Speaking of team names, the organizer encouraged us to come up with our own.  Welp…you can’t give me something like that and not expect me to try and make it sing.  I consulted a map of the Iron Kingdoms, picked a city in Khador (Volningrad, near the capitol Korsk), and a mascot.  My Khador is all white (I’m sure you’ve seen it by now) and definitely white themed, so I needed a winter themed mascot.  But who?  Why the Abominable Snowman! The Volningrad Yeti doesn’t flow as well I think.   While I was on my inspiration high I knocked out this NFL style logo for the team in Photoshop in about 45 minutes.  What do ya think?

If you are curious as to how the league will work, League rules can be found here.


6 thoughts on “The Volningrad Snowmen! My team for an NFL style league!”

    1. Yup. I’m not a PS pro, but I can be dangerous! I basically did a quick sketch for the idea, then scan and draw in PS.

      The words I didn’t make. They are from an Iron Kingdoms font pack that was floating around on the forums. There’s a font for each faction I believe.

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