What are your thoughts/opinions on my Menoth paint scheme? [Updated!]

Preliminary Menoth scheme
Yay or nay?

UPDATE: You all are right, The white is just too stark.  I’m going to play around some more with it to see if I can find a color that works, but ultimately he’s going to get a toss in the drink so that I can start all over.

Taking a break from Iron Fang Pikemen and Kayazy, and looking forward to beyond my wedding, I decided to try out the Menoth color scheme I’ve had in my head for so long. I’m not sure how I feel about it…Obviously he isn’t done, but the general idea is there.

More pics and thoughts after the jump…

The idea was Sanguine armor, black cloth, and lots of bright yellow gold and silver metal.  I like the Sanguine armor and I think I did a really good job on two-brush blending it.  It may still need a bit more highlighting to bring it up however.  I haven’t touched the cloth yet.

My big hangup over it is the outlining on the shoulders/armor plates.  I’m not sure I like it, but I’m not really sure what color to put there.  Looking at the color wheel a green would be a complimentary color, but I’m not a fan of green and I think it would look even more out of place than the white.   But the Sanguine and black are dark colors so I feel like I need something to “bring it up”, much like how I use black and a dark, more bronze-ish gold on my Khador to “bring down” the white and red.

What do you all think?  Do you like/love/hate it?  Why?  What other color should I use in place of the white or any other?

I also posed the question on the Privateer Press Forums Miniatures Painting subforum if you would prefer to comment there.

8 thoughts on “What are your thoughts/opinions on my Menoth paint scheme? [Updated!]”

  1. I think the white looks pretty good, but I see what you mean. I tried closing my eyes and picturing a few different colors. I am with u on the green, maybe a darker blue, exhile blue and do.the rivets a steel color. Also a chocolate Brown came to my head, but Im wondering if your just better off with white. It does look pretty good as is, love the black.

  2. I’d suggest trying something slightly off white, maybe even to a Hammerfall Khaki color, and highlight up to pure white at the edges. You’ll keep a similar feel but it should feel less stark/standoutish.

  3. Adobe has a great web-app to solve color scheme problems.


    A really cool way of using the app is…

    You see a photo on the web that has colors that appeal to you. Save a copy of the picture to your desktop and then go to kuler and upload the picture (need to make a free account). Kuler will then sample colors from the picture and make a color scheme. It’s also fully adjustable. And you can save your color schemes.

    Asthetically pleasing color schemes takes a little therory, a little gut feeling, and a little bit of faith in yourself. Kuler is a great tool for figuring out an alternate color scheme.

  4. I would suggest making the outline of the armour and shoulder pads gold and switching you cloth to an off white or khaki colour. As the colours stand now, the black with the dark purple is making the white look a bit garish.

    Less work would be to make the white a cream or khaki.

  5. I think the black (once highlighted) looks fine, but the white is really really stark. Khaki isn’t a bad idea, jack bone would be good too.

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