Group shot of the Nemii!

A weekend learning to paint with Meg Maples…

Group shot of the Nemii!
Great scott! A group shot of the Nemos!

This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend a special 2 day painting class hosted by none other than Privateer Press studio painter, Meg Maples.  I’ve mentioned this class before and I was extremely excited to attend.  I do want to be good at Warmachine (ha!), but having great painted models that cause people to ooh and aah, is a bigger concern of mine I think.  So I was more than happy to jump at the chance to learn any kind of tips or tricks I can, even if it meant facing my dreaded enemy…blending.

Now I have some great pictures courtesy of PG_CrashDummy and am happy to present them to you.

But first, did you guess which one was mine?  Read on to find out…

My pNemo 2010
My pNemo 2010

If you guessed the Day Glo yellow one, then you win…nothing.  But good job anyway!  Yup this is my pNemo and let me tell you, I am pretty proud of him.  It’s been 6ish, maybe 7 months (wow, really, that seems wrong…) since I started playing Warmachine and painting miniatures, and I think that I have come an extremely long way in my painting skill.  Still a looooooooooong ways from being a competitive painter (double ha!) or Plarzoid, but I’m happy with making progress.

So what are some things we learned in the class?

  • Two brush blending: The big thing we learned about was a technique they use in the studio. I had heard about this technique and had glanced at a few videos showing it off (like Ghool’s), but I’ve never tried it.  Basically you put a dot of the color for your shade and then immediately use another clean, slightly wet brush to push and pull the paint around to create smooth gradients.  It sounds easy, but I found it hard.  I would get “bath tub rings” with the dots of paint I was putting down.  Or my paints weren’t blending consistently or smoothly.  The results can be great as you can tell from some of the pNemos below, but it’s going to take me a lot of practice to get down.
  • Hair and faces:  we didn’t get eyes mostly because pNemo is wearing goggles, but we learned a lot about flesh tones and hair.  Maybe this will move me away from my current washing method…
  • Highlight and shading metallics:  This is another one I find hard for some reason.  The results don’t come out like I picture them.  Another one to work on.
  • Highlighting black:  Sadly I missed this one because I was in such a rush to get my Nemo finished.  Major sad face.

Overall I’m very glad I got to attend the class and would do it again if another came up.  Hopefully by then I’ll have this two brush blending thing down.  I think my Nemo came out pretty well, and on the tabletop he looks phenomenal (the two foot test I learned).  In the close up you can see my brushstrokes more.

Also of note is the color scheme.  I love it!  It took some fiddling with to get right (like 4 or 5 color changes throughout the weekend), and true to form, I just haaaaad to pick a difficult color (I didn’t know that at the time), but I’m really happy with the way that aspect turned out.  I’d love to do an army in this scheme.  I have my Menoth still, but I was set on darker, sanguine and black scheme with them…Now I’m so very torn…

Great Scott! Look at that gallery!


8 thoughts on “A weekend learning to paint with Meg Maples…”

  1. Hmmmm, after looking at yours and Plarzoids, perhaps I should have put a shadow at the top of my skirt and the highlight more towards the middle…. (mine is the one with green armor all over).

    1. I was reading that earlier! You’re a great painter and seem to be getting a hang of the two brush blending quicker than I. I now have a new blog to read 🙂

      I’d also be interested in your brushes, especially when you get a #2 or maybe even a #3. This class really sold me on the method and I hear nothing but good things about them.

  2. Hi, could you please post a tutorial of each technique you learned. Some of them you just mentioned, without further detail.

    Give us details!! 🙂

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