Kayazy Kommandos? Assault Assassins? A WIP Conversion.

Kayazy Kommandos? Assault Assassins?
Who's ugly now?! *shank you very much*

Here’s something that has been in the works for a while but a mixture of not having enough free time lately and missing some tools, have kept me from realizing it.  But no more!

It’s been no secret that I (and many others I’m sure) think that the stock Kayazy Assassins are ugly.  I set forth to rectify that.

At first it was going to be the usual ninja masks and hoods, but knowing me, that wasn’t good enough.  That was the common conversion, so of course I had to set my sights higher (actual skills be damned!).  This is my first major conversion, and I was initially hesitant about doing it because I’ve tried to use green stuff before and my sculpting skills were found to be lacking, but this time I just put that out of my mind and went at it.  I think the two hooded guys came out pretty alright.  The Underboss was a last minute idea when I saw that he needed a little extra something.  A hood maybe, I thought?  Looking at the mess I have increasingly piling up on my table, it just hit me, and I made him a tank out of some spare parts I had!  More pics are coming and they will show him off a bit more.

Sorry the pic is really bad, my fiancee is out of town and has our camera with her, but I was just REALLY excited to show you these guys!  It took me about 3ish hours to do them all and I’m pretty proud of how they came out.  Or that could be the fatigue taking over and saying they are good enough…I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!

Oh and I have another post coming up about the class I attended this weekend as well that was taught by Privateer Press studio painter Meg Maples.  I learned a bunch of new tricks and am pretty proud of my mini.  I’ll talk more about that later, but in the mean time, I will leave you with another cell phone pic showcasing all the Nemos painted by everyone in the class.  Can you guess which one’s mine?

Meg Maples Painting Class pNemos
Can you guess which one is mine? Hint: it's pNemo.

5 thoughts on “Kayazy Kommandos? Assault Assassins? A WIP Conversion.”

  1. Honestly, yours looks the best with that great yellow armor! It was such a great class; hopefully I can attend again next year assuming I can afford it again.

  2. Aye, I was skeptical at first, but I absolutely love the day-glo armor and the teal accents, it’s an odd combo that just looks fantastic. Rave-nar? The storm Strider’s known as the disco ball… I think you might have something here…

    1. There is always a method to my madness! I actually really like the scheme myself, too bad I won’t be playing Cygnar anytime soon. But I think an army like this would look pretty cool, particularly given the electric learnings.

      But hey if any one out there wants to donate their Cygnar to the cause…;)

      1. ’cause you don’t have enough to paint! Just kidding! Honestly, I think any army would look great in that color scheme, even Cryx!

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