Sorscha's view of the battlefield

Hot Khador 2 vs 2 action! [Huge Gallery]

White Khador vs. Red & Black Khador
White Khador vs. Red & Black Khador

See what I did there with the title?  HOT Khador action…but Khador is cold…and we played on a winter board…ehhhh, you don’t know funny.

The Gnarls league at Game Parlour wrapped up recently, I’ve just been slow to get you this battle report.  Chalk it up to one part laziness, one part busy-ness (?), one part ADD, one part…oooo what’s that over there!

…Where was I?  Oh yeah, so the Gnarls League focused on higher point games (think 50+ points) and team games (hence the Wartorn Alliances sub tag).  With that in mind on the last week of the league, the four Khador players decided to throw down in a major way.  2 vs. 2, 50 points each…but since that would have taken an eternity to get through, we scaled it down to 35 points each (70 points each side).

Strakhov's view of the battlefield
Strakhov's view of the battlefield

I paired up with Stephen, who brought eSorscha, while I brought along Strakhov.  We were up against David and his pButcher, and Kevin and his pIrusk.  We tried to have one of each character on the board.  We almost succeeded in this.   There were two Great Bears (David and I), two Sylysii (Stephen and Kevin), and two units of Iron Fang Pikemen, which aren’t characters but were the only repeated unit.  Not bad.  Yup, there was only one Winterguard DeathStar (I know you were curious about it).  I went with my usual infantry machine with Strakhov (Sidenote: I have since worked out a list that I think is very good with him with 2 warjacks at 35 points.  I want to try some more games with it before I report it here) and Torch.

It was the White Khador versus the Red and Blacks.  Some say it was merely a training exercise in preparation of defense of Glorious Motherland.  I like to think that we were fighting for a change in main color scheme.  The white blends in more with the landscape of our great nation.  For too long have our komrades fallen due to the “shoot me” nature of our red color scheme!  No more!  Also: It brings out our eyes better.

Irusk's view of the battlefield
Irusk's view of the battlefield

The details are a little hazy for me now, but I know that I was trying to be the vanguard, which is something I think Strakhov is made for.  I also made the mistake of trying to play defensively at the same time.  It didn’t mix well.  If I don’t commit to the press, I get tentative and then I have trouble.

In the end Stephen and I won based on points since we ran out of time. 24 to 23.  All points lost on our side were from me, as you can see in the pictures as my force is just whittled down in each one.  Stephen lost 1 Winterguardsman.  One! Otherwise, it could of swung the other way.

Good times,  good times.

Enjoy the Gallery!

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