Iron Fang Pikemen WIP

On the painting table…

Kayazy Eliminators WIP
Kayazy Eliminators WIP

I’m back with a painting frenzy!  On my table I have the Eliminators that I previewed yesterday, this time with a bit more work done, about 75% to completion.  Also are the two warjacks I’ve been working on (slowly), a Decimator and Beast-09.  I’m chugging away at Beast-09 but I’m having trouble because he is put together.  I guess I’m so use to painting each part separate, but for whatever reason I decided to put Beast-09 together before painting him.  I have no idea how you guys get the results you do with fully assembled models.  Paint gets everywhere where I don’t want it and then there are times I can’t even reach some areas to paint!

Also I got started on 3 of the 12 Iron Fang Pikemen I have.  I use them in every game pretty much, so it’s about time really.  I’m going to tackle them in sets of 3 to keep my sanity…oh, and I have yet to do their brass rods…


2 thoughts on “On the painting table…”

  1. Your WIPs look good! One thing to keep in mind is to not stress over places where you’re having a hard time getting your brush into because the odds that if you’re having a hard time getting paint in there, that no one will see it either. I generally paint my warjacks from the inside outwards. That way if I drip paint someplace, its easy to fix.

    I think doing your IFP in sets of three is a good idea, though I’d have added the brass rod before painting them to lessen the chances of scratching the paintjob when you add the rod, not that thats likely to happen, but still.

    1. Oh no worries, the IFP arms are separare and still bare metal for when I do the pikes proper.

      I am still wrestling with the idea of giving them the Black Dragon stuff or not.

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