Kayazy Eliminators

Hello ladies…

Kayazy Eliminators
Beautiful, detailed sculpts.

This past Saturday I checked out/played a game at a LGS that I found that was 15 minutes away from me.  But the bigger story is…look what I found!  Imagine my surprise when I spied these lovelies sitting on the shelf! I immediately bought them and put them on the table in my first ever 50 point game (it was a looong, yet very fun one).  They were worth their points and them some!  I may have to pick myself up another unit if I stumble upon one since they are FA:2…

I really like the poses on these two, but for the one that is lunging, I’m going to put her leaning forward at an angle a bit more as if she’s lunging at someone.  The studio pose on the “daggers in the air one” is much like you see, very vertical, and it doesn’t quite sit well with me.  I’m a fan of dynamic poses (love Nicia and the Daughters’ poses) and with a quick test, my idea looks really good if I do so say myself. My other issue is from when I was cleaning them up, mine had some mold lines right down the middle of their faces, which I got but hopefully didn’t mess up too much.  When I get some primer on them we’ll see.

Now to start planning their color scheme, because sorry Iron Fangs, after the Shocktroopers and Beast-09 are finished, these are next.


2 thoughts on “Hello ladies…”

  1. Congrats on the new shiny! I’m looking forward to seeing them on the table, hopefully killing someone else’s minis. 🙂 Just kidding; I always love getting a game in with you. I can’t wait for the new Cryx solo to come out.

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