Help! Next infantry unit for my Khador…

Yesterday started the War-Torn Alliances: Gnarls league for our group and I’m rolling with Khador once again (surprise surprise).   I played a new player (started like a month or two after me) and his Cryx and his Lich Lord Terminus.  It did not go well (31 ARM Terminus?! Then a LOLWUT focus turn?!)   But I’m viewing this league as more an opportunity to try out the other warcasters I have for Khador (of which I have 7) and see which ones I like.  I know I like Strakhov.  Vlad was meh to me, at least initially, and pIrusk, who I tried last night, I actually liked a lot.  I hope if Strakhov ever goes epic, that they give him the Inhospitable Ground spell.  It would still work because Strakhov’s current spell lust is all about movement, either helping or hindering.  But I digress…

I was talking with the gents at the store afterwards and it got me thinking that maybe I should pick up another infantry unit for my Khador for some flexibility.  I was initially going to go with the Kayazy Assassins, but after bouncing ideas and stuff around, I got to thinking about some other choices, 3 in faction, 2 mercs.  Since I don’t have the opportunity to play a ton of games where I can try out everything and don’t know enough about the intricacies, I thought I’d turn to you all and your experiences to help me make an informed decision.

Kayazy Assassins

Let’s start with the unit I planned on getting initially, the Kayazy Assassins.   High DEF, great in melee and with Strakhov they could be nuts.  I think they would make a great tarpit, freeing up my current tarpit unit, the Iron Fang Pikemen, for other duties (‘jack bustin’ comes to mind).  But it would be more melee units and I’ve made no secret that I find them ugly.  If I got them, I would (attempt to) convert them somehow, much like Nerdforest has done with his below.  Maybe give them ninja masks or hoods or both.  Something to not make them look like they got lost on their way to the Robin Hood auditions they were heading to.

Nerdforest's Kayazy Assassins
Nerdforest's (Supremely awesome) Kayazy Assassins


Also known as the Deathstar or WGDS in forum-speak.  Having a nickname actually turns me off to a unit, I don’t know why.  Maybe it implies some kind of cheeze or “all the cool kids are doing it” thing.  Who knows,  it is what it is.

But their is no arguing that for the point cost you get a lot.  Even just Winterguard+UA+Kovnik Joe seems to be a force to be reckoned with no matter who you ask (that play Warmachine, other people may not care so much) and I think they may be the most flexible between the group of warcasters of all of these choices, and also meshing well with the rest of the forces that I’ve amassed.  Plus they look the most “faction-ey”.

A few points against them:

  • My stigma,  but maybe that’s just me being a hipster (Oh God help me)
  • Boring models.  In my opinion, they are pretty plain.  And the hunched over heads and faces I don’t like.
  • Cost.  Not point cost, money cost.  Of all the choices, getting these guys would be the most expensive route, followed by the Nyss Hunters.
Khador Winterguard
The "boring" yet reliable Winterguard

Doom Reavers

WAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH.  That’s all I think about when I think about Doom Reavers.  At first, I did not like their models that much, but over the last few days they have really been growing on me.  Their point cost is pretty low/moderate (around my Iron Fangs’) because of course I’ll be taking the UA.  I played a game against them and they tore thru my Iron Fangs with ease.  This is what made me take a second look at them.  Six charging weapon masters with Berserk! A spray and Tough with the UA is just icing on the cake.

But I worry about the possible finesse required in using them with them being Terrors and Abominations, but this could also work to my advantage in a way.  I’m not sure how they would be as a tarpit, but I could keep my Iron Fangs in that role and maybe use them as a second line unit?  That would take some finessing though, because the Iron Fangs are not fearless (guys who practically live in their armor and who’s main goal is to kill warjacks aren’t fearless pffft).  Another positive is that of the choices they are one of the cheapest moeny-wise.

Doom Reaver by FStitz
Doom Reaver by FStitz

 Alexia Ciannor and the Risen

This is new idea and I don’t really know much about how she plays as I’ve never seen her on the table at our store.  I’m not necessarily a huge fan of the undead motif, but it could be a great tarpit unit.  I just worry that for a few points more, I can get more damage output from a different unit.  I’d love to hear more about how she plays or meshes with Khador.

Alexia Ciannor and the Risen by Lord Commander Danger Mouse
Alexia Ciannor and the Risen by Lord Commander Danger Mouse

 Cylena Raefyll and the Nyss Hunters

And finally, the Nyss hunters.  I’ve always kicked around the idea of using them since I saw them. Recently, there has been a lot of talk on the forums about this unit with Khador and so my interest was renewed.  This is a unit of Weaponmasters with a good long range attack, as well as great speed.  The ARM leaves something to be desired (but I understand why it’s so low).  I also like the models (minus the faces, but a mask could fix that easily).  The big issues I see with them however is that they are a charcter unit so SR2012 restrictions kick in, their point cost is the highest at 7 and 10 (9 and 12 with Valachev) and also money-wise are right alongside the Winterguard.

Nyss Hunters
Nyss Hunters (I'd put masks on mine, minus Cyclena. She looks awesome already)

Here is a quick list I put together if I were to end up with the Nyss Hunters?  Thoughts?

Points: 35/35
Kommander Strakhov (*6pts)
* Torch (10pts)
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (Cylena and 9 Grunts) (10pts)
Great Bears of Gallowswood (5pts)
Iron Fang Pikemen (Leader and 5 Grunts) (5pts)
* Iron Fang Pikemen Officer & Standard (2pts)
Kayazy Eliminators (Leader and Grunt) (3pts)
Widowmakers (Leader and 3 Grunts) (4pts)
Widowmaker Marksman (2pts)


Finally, here’s the poll and thanks for the help!


5 thoughts on “Help! Next infantry unit for my Khador…”

  1. I was in the exact same position as you when I started Khador. I didn’t want to go the typical Kayazy/EG route so I decided on the Doom Reavers and I love them. So much I am thinking about getting a 2nd unit of them. Unfortunately since they have spell ward you really can’t buff them up directly and the Sorscha1 works good with her Fog of War giving them concealment. You can use them as a unit to tarpit or tie thing up while pushing forward. Since they have reach they can tie up a lot more things with fewer models which is always nice. Of course the abomination can be a issue but just be careful with their placement. They have advance deploy so you can space them away nicely. Weapon Masters + Berserk is really nice and having a squad that can take down heavy warjacks/beasts is nice. Their main weakness is again shooting armies but if they are within 14″ then just run a couple to engage them quickly and hopefully they survive a turn for payback the next turn ;p

  2. Winter Guard is probably the “right” choice. They can fill just about any role with a combination of high DEF, tons of sprays, CRA, CMA, Rocketeers, and of course Kovnik Joe. My beef with them is they’re too good. They do everything so well that it’s easy to become too reliant on them. There’s nothing wrong with an effective unit though, and they are certainly effective. A very solid base to build on, just make sure to bring the Joe and the UA. I didn’t like the models at first either, but after painting the unit I came around on them. They fit the Russian theme well and the Officer is one of my favorite Khador models.

    That said, the fun choice is definitely the Doom Reavers. They’re like a pack of cruise missiles desperate to blow big holes in your opponent’s lines. Don’t think of them as a tarpit though. Tough is not to be relied on, their DEF and ARM are underwhelming, and as noted above Spell Ward keeps you from buffing them directly. You can get around it with things like feats or Signs and Portents. I’ve had a lot of luck just throwing them forward as fast as possible. Even if you only get one or two in melee you’ll have forced your opponent to deal with them, which means the rest of your army doesn’t take as much fire on the way in, plus the one or two that make it close enough to start swinging are very capable of taking out a whole unit, or crippling it into ineffectiveness. Also fun is running them as a screen for pVlad. Wind Wall and bunching them up means you can’t shoot them, and Spell Ward means you can’t target them with spells either, which makes a nice combination.

  3. A suggestion I took when I wanted a new infantery unit was to get Croe´s Cuttthroats with Khador Koldun Kapitan Valachev. A very nice looking unit, not to expensive and perform very good on the tabletop, specially against Horde, as all there weapons have poison (both handweapon and crossbows).

    Otherwise I would go with Doom reavers of those above choses.

  4. I have to echo Demitra’s comment. The WGDS is an amazingly effective unit/block-o-guys, but I have wondered about folks that rely on them too often. Kind of like us Cryx players and out Bane Thralls, which is why I stopped using them for the longest time (though after TempleCon I had reason to fall in love with them all over again).

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