Steamroller 2012 – Scenario Cards

Found this on the wargaming monkey, Steamroller 2012 scenario cards! Much easier than lugging the original document around!

The Wargaming Monkey

I am still working through the Steamroller 2012 book and I will be honest, a lot of it confuses the crap out of me lol. I am however loving the scenarios. Lets be fair coming from 40k and the massive variety in scenarios you got in 5th edition, this is an absolute goldmine.

The pack however is not very practical when trying to play and it is a little bit chunky.

Step into the fray “Andy Przybyla” from the Warhammer Forum Who has created a wonderful set of Scenarios cards that you can print out and will fit in standard card sleeves.

These are truly fantastic and a big thanks to Sib for his hard work on getting these out. This are now printed and ready to be used 🙂

The original thread can be found here –

The link to the most up to date version of the…

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