Kommandant Irusk (pIrusk)

Painting Table Progress Update! [Pic heavy]

For a few weeks at the beginning of the year, I was in a real painting funk. I just couldn’t get any of my projects started.  But late-January, something just clicked and I’ve been on a role since!  I think it’s just when you finish one model, you feel compelled to finish another.  And then another.  I’m making such progresss and have been able to squeeze in able an hour most days for painting that I am setting myself a goal:

All Khador models painted before I get married.

That gives me until mid-April. What do I have left besides what I am able to show you?

  • 12 Iron Fang Pikemen (I’m mostly concerned with 8 at the moment however)
  • Zerkova
  • Butcher
  • Warjack arm bits

Why the goal?  Well, I still have a ton of Menoth to get stated on, which I am also in the process of prepping.  I also I don’t want to get started on them until after I take Meg Maples’ class at the end of March.  But the big reason is that I want a painted force!  I’m taking a cue from Plarz and his new year resolution,  no new forces until the others are painted!  While I already have the Menoth force, I have yet to really use them.  Plus, I’m sooooo close to finishing my Khador!

Enough ranting for now…TO THE PAINTING TABLE!

Kommandant Irusk

Kommandant Irusk (pIrusk)
Kommandant Irusk (pIrusk)

Status: Irusk is practically done.  The only thing he needs is snow of his base, which could very well happen this weekend.  Not much more I can say about this one.  I’m extremely happy with the way he came out and the scheme is fantastic.

Oh, one thing I just remembered…I’m not sure I’m happy with how his eyes came out so I may be redoing them. And that white spot on his jaw, I think that may just be flash, but I’ll double-check when I get home.

Vlad, The Dark Prince

Vlad, the Dark Prince (pVlad)
Vlad, the Dark Prince (pVlad)

Status: Much like Irusk, Vlad is only missing snow on his base before I declare him finished.  Once that happens, both will get their own posts like I have done in the past with my other miniatures.  It’ll show you my attempt at freehand on his cape.  I’m still not sure if it was a failure or success.  I guess I’ll let you decide when that post comes.

This Vlad does hold the distinction of being the fastest miniatures I’ve painted thus far.

Kommander Sorscha

Kommander Sorscha WIP
Kommander Sorscha WIP

Status: Ha!  That’s a good one.

I’m still kinda lost on the exact scheme I’m going to go with, but I think I have decided on mimicking the one I used on Irusk.


Beast-09 WIP
Beast-09 WIP

Status: The last of my Khador warjacks to get some paint.  As per the winning suggestion on the poll I did earlier, he’s red.   I’m still very much in the process of base coating all of his areas, but I am really starting to like how he’s coming out color scheme-wise.  This guy is going to go bit by bit.  I work on him a little here, a little there, in between working on the other stuff (mostly the Shocktroopers).

I’m trying to get him done in time to submit him to February’s Paint the Target over at Lost Hemisphere, which just so happens to be Character jacks/beasts.

Man-o-War Shocktroopers

Man-o-War Shocktroopers WIP
Man-o-War Shocktroopers WIP

Status: And finally we come to the Shocktroopers…I’ve actually made a ton of progress on them the past few days.  The bodies are put together and they are glued down on their bases.  Seems insignificant a detail, but I think it has helped me out a lot with them.  Now they aren’t just a mound of pieces that need to be painted.  Speaking of painted, their lower halves are essentially done, minus any last minute touch-ups I usually do when the model is much closer to the final product.  Right now, I started on getting the white parts white on their chests.  Next is some gold and details (so many rivets…).  I’m excited to get them done because they are such a cool looking unit and I really want to try them out in a game.


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    1. haha We are going out of town to get married, so I couldn’t be late even if I wanted to! (which I don’t…in case she sees this 😉 )

      Plus, my future wife is very supportive on my new hobby, and I want to keep her that way!

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