Status report and Beast 09 color poll

Just a quick update today: Happy to report I made some progress on my minis this weekend.  I spent a good deal of time prepping some of the Menoth I got back in a trade awhile ago.   Lots of Simple Green and acetone soaking, lost s of toothbrush scrubbing, but I think they are now disassembled and done.  There are still a few I want to disassemble and fix as some are caked in superglue.

As far as Khador goes, I worked on my Shocktroopers (blerg) and at least got the legs of all of them done.  I’m thinking that the assembly line thing frustrates me, so I may have to switch to doing one at a time.  I just get so demotivated.  Luckily the urge to paint hit me again last night, but this time I wanted to work on a warcaster.  So I went with Irusk as I was looking over some of the cards the other day and his spell list and things may gel with me quite a bit.  I got about 20% done on him and hope to have him done soon.  Since he is the classic scuplt, he’s pretty small, so he should go by quick like Vlad did.  Oh, speaking of Vlad, I got him done too.  He just needs snow on his base. Once I finish the Shocktroopers (ha!), he and the others that are waiting will get some and finally dullcoted.

One last thing.  I need your input readers.  I got started on Sorscha, but got completely lost when trying to envision her scheme.  But let’s talk Beast-09 for a moment.  He is the last Khador warjack that needs painting (besides some arms bits of the other heavies).  His standard studio scheme is very similar to mine, but a departure from the normal Khador red studio scheme.  I’m thinking that I should give him a scheme that is a departure from my usual scheme.  So my question to you is what color should he primarily be?

I was thinking black (like this or this) as black is showing up in a lot of my models now.  The other idea that hit me this morning was to make him red (like this or this) since that was the major secondary color of my force.  So now I’m leaning towards the red…argh, I’m so torn…


4 thoughts on “Status report and Beast 09 color poll”

    1. Looking at some of those poses, I wish I had gone with a running one. instead I went with trying to copy Sorscha’s but couldn’t with the axe all the way because it would have stuck out WAY too much and been a pain to transport.

      Needless to say, I’m kinda disappointed in my Beast 09’s pose…

      1. While I really like the Khador look overall, I’ve never been a fan of the standard warjack pose.

        Here’s the website (Dr. Faust’s painting clinic) that I got the how-to to convert that warjack I sent you the link to. I should have mentioned though that the paint scheme was per my friend’s request (so it would match the rest of his army), not mine. But here’s the link for your reading pleasure. This works for most any warjacks, not just khador btw.

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