pVlad WIP

Vlad, The Dark Prince is 98 (ish)% done!

pVlad WIP

Here’s something I’m proud of…I painted pVlad in about 4ish hours on Saturday! And he came out pretty good I think!

My new lamp gives off brilliant white light so it’s washed out some of his color, but since he still has a teensy bit of clean up on the inside shoulder pads to do and snow of the base, much better pictures will be coming soon.  I was just excited about this accomplishment and wanted to share him with you.

Coming up!

Next up is finishing those damn 4 Shocktroopers!  They are in about 40 something individual pieces laying around and it’s driving me crazy!  But I think I came up with a solution for getting them done assembly line-ish.  Also I started on Sorscha, but was just at an utter loss on how to do her color scheme so I didn’t get at all far.  I want Beast-09 to mimic her scheme, much like how I handled Torch and Strakhov, but this is proving a bit difficult.  I think this morning that I have decided to go with a black Beast-09 as my other warjacks are white, and Beast-09’s studio scheme is a departure from the standard red of Khador warjacks.  I think it will work…

Click below for the gallery!

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