Khador Heavy (WIP)

When the internet goes on strike, a warjack get painted…

Khador Heavy (WIP)

I’m sure you were aware of the Internet black-out protest thing in regards to SOPA/PIPA yesterday.  WordPress participated and so did this site, seeing how I (and many blogs in general) I link to copyrighted material all the time.

But this site is about miniatures not about some high horse, so let’s talk miniatures!  With a lot of my distractions gone yesterday (lovely!), I finally got some work done on the other Khador Heavy Omni-jack that’s been sitting in pieces waiting for paint and glue.  Seriously, it irks me seeing my miniatures in pieces laying about. I’d much rather have them assembled so I can display and use them! And just like that…MOTIVATION FOUND!

This guy is about 75% done I’d say.  All that is left is detail work, you know, picking out rivets (so many rivets), the spikes, some detailing on his exhaust pipes (think I’m going to try what I did on my MoW test models exhaust pipe again), that sort of stuff.  One night’s work left probably. I’m also thinking of attempting freehand again, but I’m not sure what to name this guy…Anyone have any ideas of a good Khadoran name for a warjack?

Overall, I’m very happy with the way his scheme came together.  Much better than the original omni-jack.  This guy is being based off of the color layout of Torch.  I’ll have some comparison shots of the two omni-jacks in the final post of this guy.  Now his arms are a different story.  I have a pair of each kind of Khador heavy armament to paint.

Hopefully to give this guy a try with a three ‘jack pVlad game tonight!

2 thoughts on “When the internet goes on strike, a warjack get painted…”

  1. Very nice! Cool color scheme, and you did a great job cleanly painting two PITA colors (red and white always drive me nuts!) excellent work, volt!

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