Possible Spoiler if you are a Menoth player…

Sooo…I found something very interesting while surfing the net.  It hasn’t been announced yet from Privateer Press but it follow the same line as the upcoming plastic Errants.

Click on after the break if you are interested in seeing but you’ve been warned…

Plastic Knights Exemplar!
Again, I love the plastic sculpts!

Whaaaaaaaa?! Oh.emm.gee.  Take it with a grain of salt, but this picture does look pretty official sooooo….

I needed another unit as well for my eKreoss list.  Now to wait for the plastic Errants and these! Damn, new releases are exciting!


2 thoughts on “Possible Spoiler if you are a Menoth player…”

  1. It’s probably a safe bet that all the Exemplars are going plastic since PP can use the same torsos and swap out arms for the different units. If I ever get around to Menoth, and I will, it’s going to be heavy on the Knights of all flavors, so having them out in plastic will be a boon.

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