I’m going to do 2012 right! My resolutions and what to (hopefully) expect this year…

It’s 2012 and I’m back home and still trying to recover from that holiday break.  Late 2011 I started this site and this hobby and I want to take both into 2012 with gusto, so I’ve come up with a few New Year’s Resolutions that pertain to wargaming and myself! So here we go:

  1. Paint – this one is obvious.  I have a maddeningly massive list of models to get through this year.  I personally don’t like playing with unfinished models and usually I can’t really use the models I have anyway because of the way I paint things in sections/pieces.  First on the painting block is the rest of my Khador (minus the other warcasters for now).
  2. Paint better & faster – This one is just going to come with time.  Menoth looks like it is going to be my main faction from now on, so I’ll be hopefully better by the time I roll around to painting them.  I also have a 2 day painting class in March hosted by Privateer Press studio painter Meg Maples!  I hope to learn a lot there that I can apply to my Menites!
  3. Keep the blog going – with all these models to paint, surely there will be plenty of updates to be had?!  In a poll I did late last year, I asked what you guys would like to see more of.  Tutorials and how-to’s were at the top so I’ll be keeping that in mind and can hopefully accommodate by sharing the various things I learn along the way. Also new year, new look.  You like?
  4. Play more – Thursdays is quickly becoming my established game night and with a great group of players. This one is the easiest.
  5. Take part in a tournament (specifically at the NoVA Open) – I would REALLY love to be in a tournament this year.  I think I finally have enough models to field some competitive lists and would really like to experience that part of the hobby.  The NOVA Open is being held in Crystal City at the end of August this year, and since that is the closest for me which won’t require long treks or overnight stays, is the one I am specifically eying to be ready for (i.e. have my list painted up by then).  They are going to have 3 different Warmachine/Hordes tournies that weekend, 2 are 35 points, 1 is 50 points.  All are 1 list.  I think that is going to be perfect for me.

I think that’s good for now, don’t want to overload myself too early.  I’m off to tinker with the site some more and get started on finishing up my other magnetized Khador heavy and the other 4 Man-o-War Shocktroopers.  Now if I could only keep my other, previous nerd weakness (video games) from cutting into my time.  Over the holidays I got Skyrim, Space Marine, and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations on the x360 AND scooped up the Dawn of War II Complete Pack off the Steam sale. Ugh.

When you’re young, you have lots of time but no money.  Now I have money (still working on the lots part) and barely time…

5 thoughts on “I’m going to do 2012 right! My resolutions and what to (hopefully) expect this year…”

  1. argh, he’s a mind flayer~! Run~! 🙂 Love the new look of your site! nice to finally see an update as well. Wish you were going with us to TempleCon, it’d be great to have you, but I understand NoVa open being here in our backyard (so to speak). I’ve really enjoyed watching your painting progress and look forward to getting a chance to play you again here in the near future!

    1. Thanks! I was out of town for a bit so that explains the lack of any real updates.

      I’d love to come to TempleCon but I just don’t have the models up to snuff to make it worth it for me. Maybe next year?

      1. Assuming I get to go again next year and depending on how many folks I can fit into my car with their stuff, then definately yes~!

  2. Good luck and I’m sure you will love being apart of a big tourney! Also….keep the video games to a minimum lol. I cut myself off and it was pretty crazy how much painting I could get done without other distractions. Site is looking snazzy!

    1. Thanks!

      But video games are like my TV. I did cut them out early last year (and ended up getting into Warmachine as a replacement), but I guess the calling was too much this holiday season!

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