The Man-o-Wars have entered the fray!

A long time coming but I present you the test model for my Man-o-Wars!

Not sure if these guys fit into my blitzkrieg style approach with Khador but they are awesome looking minis. Along with Khador’s warkacks, these guys are what drew me to the Motherland.

Enjoy and more (and better) pics to come once I finish the unit!

3 thoughts on “The Man-o-Wars have entered the fray!”

  1. Men-o-War are great at what they do, but what they do is the opposite of lightning warfare. Shock Troopers will hold an objective like a boss…provided they get there. You could speed them up with eIrusk or pButcher’s theme list, but outside of that you’re stuck with SPD 4. I’m trying to wedge a unit of them into a list for the tournament this weekend and having a hard time of it though I think if I can manage it the move will pay dividends in the objective-heavy Steamroller format.

    Nice looking model, crisp like your others. The black belly makes it darker than the rest of your stuff though. Have you thought about painting it white? I think it’d join the shoulders and legs together well.

    1. Thanks! I’ll try the white belly on the next one and see.

      An idea I had that might take people by surprise is on Strakhov’s feat turn, they can charge 11″. I think some kind of Assault order would help them out immensely too. Of course this is just theory on my part since I haven’t played with them yet…

  2. i think the black belly is fine, but I think you could make it more interesting by painting the Khador symbol on it in white/bronze/gold/or pink.

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