Widowmaker Marksman – “You call that a gun?”

Widowmaker Marksman

With a rifle that most definitely prescribes to the whole Khadorean philosophy of “bigger is better”, I present the Widowmaker Marksman!

Ever since adding this guy to my Widowmakers, they have seemed to flourish in games! With Strakhov, Sentry, and Sniper, I’m doing about 6 DMG a turn.  That’s enough to shave off any entire column on a heavy warjack!  Plus with granting them “Swift Hunter”, they are equally harassing entire units of enemies.  Oh yeah…most definitely worth the two points.

But how was painting him?  As you may know I’ve been working on him alongside my Great Bears so…it’s taken awhile.  But while I thought he would be hard to paint and the Great Bears easy, in reality, it was quite the opposite.  This guy was a joy to paint! And despite a slight paint spill mishap when he was about 85% done, he still came out pretty good I think.

Then my sealer went and frosted him…I can’t catch a break with this guy…

If anyone knows how to fix that, please let me know.  Otherwise, enjoy the pics and let me know what you think!



3 thoughts on “Widowmaker Marksman – “You call that a gun?””

  1. very nice! I’m really loving the snow on your bases. I’ve heard a rumor that you can respray a frosted mini again with sealant to fix it, but I’ve never done it nor had any friends who’ve done it.

  2. Nice work here. You’re certainly clipping along through the pile, which is no small feat when painting white. I’ll second the “respray” fix for the frosting, though I too have never tried it and it seems to be a sometimes cure instead of a sure-fire one.

    One small thing: Khadoran. That extra “e” might earn you a visit from the secret Greylord police, and no one likes that…

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