And now for something a little different…Repenter WIP

Menoth Repenter Light Warjack (WIP)
Menoth Repenter Light Warjack (WIP)

Waitaminute?!  What be dis?!

I put my Khador aside for a moment so I could take a stab at my Menoth stuff.  All the white was starting to drive me a little crazy…

Ever since I prepped and primed all my models a couple of weeks back, I’ve been chomping at the bit to try out the scheme I had in my head for the Menites.  So I’ll have predominate white Khaodr and predominate black Menoth.  This model also represents a couple other firsts for me beside being my first Menoth figure.  It’s my first light warjack, my first time using black primer (I had been using white for my Khador go figure), and my first time using a palette.   So far, one of the top critiques I’ve gotten is that my paints looks thick, so I am hoping with the use of this palette and trying to officially water down my paints, I can alleviate that.

He still has a ways to go (you can see all the blue tac), but I hope to enter this guy in Lost Hemisphere’s December Paint the Target (target is non-humans) and Vox Populi.  I still have more coats of gold to do and the jewels will end up being blue, which should be a nice contrast to all the dark colors.

Menoth light warjack Repenter
Menoth light warjack Repenter (WIP) from the back. Sorry the pictures aren't the best...

It was also my first with trying drybrushing.  I really don’t have that down.  I wanted to do it for the bases because all of the Menites are going to have a simple desert base.  I am really not happy with it.  It any of you have any pointers in that area, please let me know.  Here is what I did:

I used Elmer’s glue and some dirt/gravel and then primed with Krylon black primer.  Then I used P3 paints.  I base coated with Bloodstone and then (attempted) to drybrush Menoth base over it.  I think maybe I still had a lot on paint on the brush, but I had brushed it all off on a paper towel until it didn’t have much on it.

desert base attempt...
Desert base attempt...Bloodstone >> drybrush Menoth base

4 thoughts on “And now for something a little different…Repenter WIP”

  1. Looks okay so far; I’m interested to see how you do with this model as black can be just as frustrating as white, but in other ways. As far as the base go, I think the bloodstone with menoth base is too abrupt a shift in colors. I’d try to do something like:

    Base: Bloodstone
    1st drybrush: Bloodtracker Brown
    2nd drybrush: Rucksack tan
    3rd drybrush: menoth base

    1. I’ll agree that it’s a bit abrupt, but not if you run with it. If you drybrush another layer, with Menoth White Highlight / Skull White.

      Also, drybrushing is ineffective if you press too hard with your brush. Drybrushing is one of those things that is simple, yet difficult.

      He still looks great though!! I’ve always liked the darker menoth themes.

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