Widowmakers – These bullets have names on them?!


I present to you the first unit I have ever painted: Khador Widowmakers!

Back when I started to amass models to play Warmachine, I wanted to start with a warjack as they were bigger and thus a little easier to paint.  I also wanted to paint a unit before I tackled a warcaster (in this case, Strakhov).  The Widowmakers fit the bill perfectly as they didn’t need to have anything put together and had just the right amount of details without going too crazy.  The one with an all silver rifle is the very first 30mm miniature I ever painted!

The idea with these guys was that they were in a forest, sniping and moving (Swift Hunter), while the Kapitan is high on a cliff, surveying the area for potential targets amongst the enemies below.

At first I hated them on the table.  But after a few games with them (and with a Marksman), they really began to shine and now see themselves into many of the lists I come up with (usually as my main/only ranged option).  Enjoy!

As always, feel free to leave any comments!

You can follow their progress in these posts: one, two, three, and this one.


4 thoughts on “Widowmakers – These bullets have names on them?!”

    1. Thanks! I painted them awhile ago, but just recently “finished” them when I based a lot of my models at once.

      As far as your question is concerned, that is Gale Force 9’s snow flock. I have a tutorial scheduled for next Monday on how I did mine and it overcomes the “melted” look. Stay tuned!

  1. Wonderful minis + great bases = WIN! Very nicely done snow! I use woodland scenics snow and it’s worked well so far. I might have to borrow some of your GF9 snow and do a comparison.

    1. Sure thing! On Monday, I’ll have a tutorial on how I do my bases. In it I have a comparison photo between GF9’s snow flock and just regular baking soda (what I was originally using). I haven’t tried Woodland Scenics stuff.

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