How much is that War Dog in the window?

Khador War Dog

The one point dynamo!  Man, this little guy (well he’s actually pretty big, he’s as big as most warcasters) is pretty much an auto-include.  He’s even wrecked a warjack for me once.

This model was also my first time painting fur or “skin”.  It may look a little splotchy in the pics, but in person it looks pretty decent.  Same goes for the armor.  I guess taking the pics at such a close distance really brings out the over painting :/

Khador War Dog

I was initially very worried with painting this guy, mostly because of all those armor plates, but he actually went by pretty fast. In fact, he was probably the fastest model I’ve painted so far.  I kept thinking he wasn’t done yet because of that.

You know the drill by now, leave some comments!




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