Kommander Strakhov

Kommander Strakhov

Kommander Strakhov. The first Warcaster I painted and the sixth model I’ve ever painted.

When I was getting into Warmachine and decided on Khador as my (first) faction, I knew Kommander Strakhov would be the first warcaster I used.  He was just too cool not to.  With my army theme in hand I went to work on painting him and I am actually really happy with how the color scheme came out.  The execution…meh.  But like I said, sixth model painted ever.

In time, when my painting skills improve, I’d like to come back to him and maybe update or redo him.

Kommander Strakhov

I am also very happy with how the base turned out.  It’s become a reoccurring thing for me to give my Khador warcasters some kind of elaborate base (as you’ll see in the future).

With his eyes, I went with a different approach: glowing with arcane energy, like he’s casting a spell or controlling a warjack.  I also gave him lines under his eyes like a quarterback.  I thought it would be  cool touch, but unfortunately I’m not at all fond of it.

Enough blabbing, let’s get to the pictures!  I present to you my completed: Kommader Strakhov!


What do you think? It could be about Strakhov or this new method of taking photos. I’d love any comments or (constructive) critiques!

You can also track his progress through these posts: one, two, and this one (the final).

His entry on CoolMiniOrNot.

5 thoughts on “Kommander Strakhov”

  1. Photos look great, I think the background really helps, and you’re obviously getting better at both painting and taking pictures.

    Strakov looks great, and you’re doing very well tackling the two toughest colors to paint: white and red. The base is fantastic too.

    Looking forward to seeing him in person!

  2. Very nice! Your painting has continued to visibly improve IMO. Your bases are really, really nice! I like the ideas of the glowing eyes; you might want to go a step farther and have the glow extend onto the skin a bit for some added effect.

  3. BTW, I meant to add – Don’t worry if your CMON scores aren’t what you like; CMON is a great resource, but it isn’t always fair with its voting.

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