Primed & ready to go!

Ahhhh lazy Sunday afternoons…I took advantage of the greeeaaat weather taking place in DC to get some work done on my minis. Usually the weather is terrible for spraying, but this weekend has been the exception.

I spent the whole weekend preparing, cleaning, and setting up my models to spray them. I was able to get them all.

But now I have almost thirty 32 minis ready to go, waiting for paint…

6 thoughts on “Primed & ready to go!”

  1. Oh noes! Dirty religiious fanatics seem to be mixed in with your hearty Khador! 🙂 Hey, is that a Bane Thrall back spikey bit I see behind the Butcher? Have fun painting all that up! I think you’ve almost officially moved into “I have more minis than I can readily paint” category. Congrats!

    1. Ugh…don’t remind me! They’ve taken over my dining room already and are starting to spread into the rest of my house…but at least next time we play or I see you, I’ll have about half of my force on the table completed. I was finally able to mix up a batch of snow to finish a lot of them off (pictures on the site incoming).

      Also, your bits were given happy homes amongst the bases of my Khador warcasters and character ‘jacks!

  2. The sight of so many primed models fills me with wonder and dread. I do the same thing myself, build a bunch of minis and get them ready for painting. And then they sit, and sit, and mock me, and sit some more. Here’s hoping you don’t fall into the same traps I do.

    1. I just had to do it because you know how the weather is here, we only get narrow windows to lay down some smooth layers of spray primer. I just had to take advantage of it.

      But having them sit and mock me is already starting to eat at me! Especially those 12 Pikemen!

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