Widowmaker Marksman (WIP)

Widowmaker Marksman!

The other model I’ve been working on side-by-side with the Great Bears.  This guy has really performed for me in the games I’ve used him in thus far, so I was eager to get him finished. Out of the four, he’s the most done. I noticed some grey flecks on the back of his coat that need to be dealt with and like all the rest of my models, he’s missing snow on the base (it’s coming I promise).  But this guy is 95% done.

I had a poll awhile back concerning what color to paint his jacket.  White ended being the winner with a big majority of the vote.  I’m happy with the way it came out.  I was worried it wouldn’t be enough to differentiate him from the others, but I think that there are enough details, and the emphasis on metallics, handle that job nicely.

I included some shots with the rest of the Widowmakers so you can see how his look blends in with theirs, yet you still can see he is someone important. If not for the fact that his gun is much bigger.




2 thoughts on “Widowmaker Marksman (WIP)”

  1. He looks great! As does the rest of the squad! I hate seeing widowmakers accross the board from me, I must admit, but I’d happily get a game with you again just so that I could see them in person.

    1. Thanks again! I like how he’s coming out. He was not as hard to paint as I thought he would be, while the Bears were the inverse and much harder to paint than I thought.

      I’d love to get another game in sometime! I feel like I’m really getting the hang of using the Widowmakers in general. In the last two games I used them, they’ve been the stars.

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