Help with my Widowmaker Marksmen!

What color?

I need some help with my Widowmaker Marksman.  I don’t know what color to paint his jacket/coat.  I’ve heavily leaning towards the white of my current Widowmakers, but as a solo and him being the tops of Widowmakers fluff-wise, I feel like I should do a different color. To differentiate him from the others?

What do you think?  Take my poll below!

Edit: So far, white is winning…


5 thoughts on “Help with my Widowmaker Marksmen!”

  1. I did the coat for my Rorsh in Hammerfall Khaki(I think – it was a really light brown) and then did several layers of Devlan Mud on top to get a very leather-like look. That might be something that would look particularly nice. I hope the link works, I have a picture or three of Rorsh in there.

    If the link fails, you can look up the album by going to, it’s the General Warmachine and Hordes album.

    1. That looks really good! However I’m worried that it would stray a bit past my established White/Red/Black scheme. Although I do have some spots of brown in places…hmmm…

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