How to: Base your models

Basing your models I think really ties them together and gives them that extra little bit.  When I was thinking about getting into miniatures, I was like “pffft…I’m not going to mess with that.”  But now I can’t see a model finished without some kind of base.

I’ve been on the Privateer Press forums for a bit and probably my favorite sub-forum is the Miniatures Painting and Modeling section.  I love seeing other people’s models and getting ideas or inspiration.  One of my favorite armies on there (even though it’s Cygnar) is this one  by forum user Arithon1.  His models are just drool-inducing. Here’s proof:

Thunderhead and Nemo by Arithon1
Thunderhead and Nemo by Arithon1

Well on the blog, Just the Bases, he has written a tutorial on how he does his bases.  Check it out!  His thread is what inspired me to try it out on my Strakhov, Torch, and Butcher.


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