Torch and Strakhov (Torch, Day 2-3 WIP)

Torch & Strakhov (WIP)

Finally had a lazy day today so I worked on some miniatures.  With the weather being as gorgeous as it was, I took the time to prepare, base, and prime some of my other models (Great Bears, Marksmen, MoW, etc), but that’s for another post.  The point of this one is to show you the progress I made on Torch!  At the moment, if you can’t tell he’s held together with blue tack, but this was just for me to get an idea of how the pose would play out, how close to Strakhov’s scheme he was,  and if it would look like I’ve had in my head this whole time.

Torch & Strakhov 2 WIP

The idea was since Torch is Kommander Strakhov’s personal warjack, that his had such an affinity with him that they were one.  I tried to get Torch to not just mimic Strakhov’s pose, but also his color scheme as well.

Strakhov & Torch 3

He still needs some cleaning up and final little details on himself and on his base.  What do you think?  I was super cautious (and slow :/) with him because I wanted him to come out really well.

Strakhov Battlegroup
...and a pic of the battlegroup.

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