Strakhov vs Ossyan

Last night I was able to get a game in against Rusty’s Retribution and Lord Arcanist Ossyan. I decided to go with my option A outlined last post and bring a whole mess of Iron Fangs to the table. I think it worked out pretty well. It was ultimately a lose for me, due to one of many mistakes I made. I brought the rulebook in with me today to refresh myself so I don’t keep making them 😉

Ossy’s temporal cannon really did a number on me, invalidating my feat turn. Had that not happened it would have been different. After Torch killed one of his ‘jacks, Overrun triggered and I moved Strakhov up, hoping to hide him behind the warkacks. I completely forgot that one of those warjacks (the one I just killed d’oh) was no longer there and thusly, Strakhov was riddled with bullet holes.

Even though it was a lose, I still had fun, I think that is just another reason why I like Warmachine as much as I do.

Thoughts on the list: It’s a bit boring in that that most of the bodies only melee, but the marksmen and Eiryss injected some needed variety and even got a few shots off. That said, I still very much like the Pikemen and will try to work them into more of my lists. I also can’t wait to have them painted (but gotta brassrod their pikes first).

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