A touch of progress…

Due to being in Bahston the last few days, I’ve fallen behind in my painting (was I ever really ahead?). Last night was my first free night so I decided to finish up my wardog and begin on Torch, my second warjack.

On Torch I’m trying something a little different. I’m going to paint him in pieces and then put him together. I’m also following the painting order I learned from handcannononline and starting with the metallics first. What you see in the pics below is the start of gold on Torch and the rest of my crew that is waiting for Torch to be finished so that they can get some snow on their bases and be finished.

It’s safe to say I’m way behind in my league. I’m still finishing up my 15 points when we are on the second week of 25 points…next up is Man-o-war Shocktroopers and Iron Fang Pikemen for my 25 point game on Thursday. Ouch and not going to happen.

Now excuse me while I rant a bit. I have a variety of paints from different paint lines. I do not like GW paints (the washes are great however). The gold I have from GW is just terrible coverage-wise. I much prefer the P3 or Reaper lines (and they aren’t paying me to say that). I know there are many that would disagree with me and I know GW is the name when it comes to miniatures but my gold is really frustrating me. Hopefully it’s just this pot?

Oh and also big news before I forget! One of Privateer Press’ studio painters is go to be holding a workshop in March and I got in! Can’t wait 🙂

This blog post was done entirely from my phone. WP7 is so awesome (they also aren’t paying me to say that).


5 thoughts on “A touch of progress…”

  1. Lookin’ good!

    It’s been my experience that any metallic that isn’t Boltgun Metal will take about 3 coats to get even coverage. It’s a bit like white paint in that regard – it just doesn’t cover well. The P3 Shining Gold I use on my Pink Khador takes 3 coats over Boltgun Metal – it’s fairly “thin” in that regard.

    Just keep the layers thin (don’t glop paint on), and keep the paint wet so you don’t get lumps, and you should be OK.

    1. I’ll give it another go tonight. The pic is only with either 2 or 1 layer(s). I figured that was the case. I’m not sure how to “thin” metallics just yet. When I thin it like my other paints it’s like water with gold flecks in it.

  2. Gold is a pain in the butt. I use P3 Rhulic Gold, but it’s thick, so I always have to do multiple coats, and even then I wash it afterwards with Devlan Mud to cut down the shine. I’m not a big fan of non-silver metallics in general, and I really should pick up a new pot of paint at some point… From the pic you showed, I think the coverage on Torch’s saw arm looks best so far.

    1. I should have some free time to work on him tonight (if I can pry myself from Arkham City) and I’m make sure to give him some more passes of gold.

      My P3 silver goes on so smooth and covers so well, so I guess that’s what I’m comparing it to.

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