Learned something new today…

A guy at my LGS gave me a classic sculpt of Irusk and Butcher. They were stripped and taken apart but still had some superglue that caused some gaps when putting them back together.  I remembered that to get superglue off your hands you use nail polish remover (acetone). So I grabbed some from the fiancee and gave Irusk a little bath to remove the excess glues…

Apparently it melts plastic. Yeah…I really should have done more research on this one.


4 thoughts on “Learned something new today…”

  1. I love getting great trades for used minis, since I can just strip the paint off and add my own paintjobs, but what I *really* hate doing is having to go through and pick all the excess super-glue off the old models. :\ Unfortunately Simple Green doesn’t loosen or weaken the glue much. Acetone works, like you said… it’s just slow going.

      1. Hi Ron,

        Sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner. I usually try to gentle break the mini off the base to leave the base intact. I remove the tab off the feet and pin all my models.

        Unfortunately, having a few packs of spare bases around might be your best bet. I’ve gone through three or four of my spare heavy bases, mostly because of the huge amount of superglue that was glopped on the used mini’s base, and scraping it off was too much trouble. Got a Pureblood Warpwolf a while back in trade that had three 1/8″ mounds of superglue on it’s base… oy. I left that one for dead and grabbed a spare.

        Nice thing about spare bases is that you can always use them to proxy or test out basing ideas, so I always recommend to new players that they pick up a blister or two just for that purpose alone.


        1. No problem! That worked with getting the Butcher off his base. I need to get some small bases and a large for some minis I got in a trade anyway.

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