Last night was Portals game night for the Slow Grow League. Yes, it was hectic. And a mess. And a good time.

There were three separate tables set up, with a mix of about five Hordes or Warmachine players on each.  let me tell you, Portals favors you going towards the end.  I was second in our rotation and came out with 9 points.  The first in our rotation, ended at -10 (yes, that’s a negative), while the other three ended up with 49, 44 and 38.  Strakhov was taken out like three times.  My warjacks on the other hand, never fell.

The rest are pictures from the event and others armies so far.  The pictures aren’t the best, because again, the phone didn’t seem to be on top of his game last night and I forgot my camera. I always forget the camera.


Give me a piece of your mind (mmm your delicious, delicious mind...).

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