Eiryss, still a work in progress…but now with arms!

Eiryss, assembled

Nothing much new to report unfortunately, but at least I have finally pieced together Eiryss.  I’m still working on my camera skills, I’ve been looking at articles and whatnot so that I can start taking some decent pictures.  The cloak may look a smidge orange but it is bright red in person. The highlights are P3 Khador Highlight (which is an orange-ish color).

I am super nervous about doing her pupils or any more to her face though.  I did manage to even her eyes out at least, which were seriously bugging me.  I had also planned on originally doing some freehand on her cloak, but got intimidated about it as I didn’t want to mess up what I think is my best looking model so far.  Thoughts? Should I go big or go home, so to speak?

More to report soon, the slow grow league is having a Portals event tomorrow to commemorate the league.  Sure to be a hectic, good time!  I’ll take some pics (especially of Brendon’s oh so sweet looking pink pButcher force).
Eiryss, assembled, from behind


5 thoughts on “Eiryss, still a work in progress…but now with arms!”

  1. Her cloak looks fantastic! Doing free hand is a great idea, but I can understand your hesitation. Free hand is all about brush control, so if you aren’t confident in yourself, you can psyche yourself out.

    Having the right tools helps though, my W&N 7 size 0 is fantastic for free hand, and I highly suggest picking up one if you want to keep working on small details, like eyes and freehand.

    Looking forward to facing Strakov at Portals!

    – Brendon (Plarzoid)

    1. I especially liked the way the outside of her cloak came out, that’s why I was so hesitant (also I couldn’t nail down a design I liked). I’m thinking just a small border along the outside edge will do.

      And I’m looking forward to charging everyone with reckless abandon for some ripsaw and trench sword action!

  2. If you really want to do freehand, start with doing a line trim all around the cape. Its a small thing you can do that can be easily fixed if anything goes wrong. If that turns out well then just keep going!

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